Aging Planning – My Pre-2019 Forbes and Financial Planning Magazine Articles

In my work as a financial planner at Life Planning Partners, Inc., I developed processes to help people plan for the “Big Four” of aging: when to move to a safer living situation, turn over financial decision making, get help with health care decisions, and quit driving. After speaking to advisors around the country for years on these topics, I realized I needed to create a resource for others to use. I had the fortune of meeting Chris Heye, who had developed a screening tool to identify when people are having trouble managing their finances. Together, we created Whealthcare Planning, LLC and have developed a plethora of resources for advisors and the public on dealing with issues related to aging.

Given that, you would think I would have written more about the topic at Forbes. Pouring my brain into the education at Whealthcare obviously didn’t spill over. I’ll try to rectify that in the future. For now, here are my pre-2019 articles at Forbes and Financial Planning Magazine on aging.

At Forbes:

When Your Elder Family Member Will Not Address The Realities Of Aging –  I see it over and over – a person in their seventies or older failing to address the fact they don’t have a lot of years left on the earth and doing nothing to plan for the day they can no longer live the way they did when they were younger. What do you do when you have an elderly loved one refusing to address the realities of aging?

Thanksgiving Is The Time To Talk About Aging – If you see your parents only periodically, the holidays are often a time you notice they are aging or are having trouble. Most families avoid any conversation on the subject of aging. Don’t avoid it any longer. I discuss how to open the conversation.

At Financial Planning Magazine:

Create a Long-Term Care Plan – Without Insurance –  What are some components an advisor should address to help clients create the best plan possible?


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