Fixing Health Care – My Pre-2019 Forbes Articles

After working in health care and finance for three decades, I’ve seen a lot, read a lot, and know extensive history of health care reform in this country. We need to take a different approach. Instead of working on how we pay for health care, we need to fix the health care system. Following are my articles through the years on what we can do to create an excellent health care system in this country at reasonable costs. It took about 20 years from the “thought of Medicare” until the actual inception of Medicare in 1965. I’ll be patient.

Health Insurance Premiums, the ACA, And A Third Way – This is the article where I float a big idea – universal primary care. Primary care is not insurable and we should remove it from the health care insurance system and provide it as a public service for everyone.

Does Health Care Promote Family Values And Equality Between Men And Women – One issue with work place health plans is that people must work full time to be eligible. For a couple with children, the standard used to be men working and women staying home to take care of the children. This puts women in “one-down” situations and men miss out on parenting. Wouldn’t it be great if both partners could work part time and know they will always have health insurance?

The Bipartisan Plan To Eradicate Family Medicine –  Primary care is the backbone of good health care systems. Unfortunately, due to how we pay doctors in this country, primary care has been decimated over the past few decades. Congress continues to compound the problem. I discuss why and how we need to fix this.

The New Republican Health Care Plan With A Twist – Here is where I throw down the gauntlet on the need for primary care as a public service.

How To Create A Workable Republican Health Care System – I keep pushing the agenda of primary care as a public service. I talk about it being a Republican health care system because they can put a free market system on top of this. In reality, the Democrats could easily put Medicare for All on top of this. I was pandering to the party in power at the moment.

Rising From The Ashes – A Novel Bipartisan Approach To Health Care ReformTHIS IS MY MOST POPULAR ARTICLE ON THE SUBJECT – This article is long and details the concept of how we could provide primary care for all and how the insurance system would work.

The work in this area is far from finished. I’ve spoken to thousands of people around the country and many people have offered to help push this forward. I am finally keeping a list. Let me know if you want to join… leave a comment and join my email list.

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