For Financial Planners – My Pre-2019 Articles on Financial Planning Practice

It is an honor to write for Financial Planning Magazine and I’m grateful for the number of advisors who reach out to me about my work. Here are my pre-2019 articles on financial planning practice and practice management topics at Financial Planning Magazine.

Honest Dialogue With Clients: How One Advisor Helps Them Come Clean – How to use the BATHE method of communication to get clients to open up about difficult topics.

Ensuring Success When Switching to a Flat Retainer Fee Model –  We have used a flat fee model since 2007 and the number one question we receive is “How do I make the switch?” I share how we did it in this article.

Own It: How Advisors Turn Gaffes Into Good Fortune – This article outlines how to own mistakes.

Developing a Plug-and-Play Succession Plan – I make the case for using a true ensemble approach.

Longevity Lens: Predicting Client Life Expectancy – I discuss how to put life expectancy in perspective when creating a financial plan.

The Value of Planning for Now – We need to spend more time helping clients prepare for the present and less time trying to predict the future.

Who Are the Best Clients for a Niche Practice? – How to develop a niche that reflects who you serve best.

Speechless: When a Client’s Comment Stuns Her Adviser –  Communication skills for when a client drops unexpected news.

Is It OK to Complain? Setting Engagement Standards – Using engagement standards with your coworkers to set the right tone.

Improving Real Returns: Deep Dive Tax Planning –  Creating investment alpha is tough. Great tax planning provides much more bang for the buck.

Is Your Compensation Model Obsolete? –  Flat fee models are much better at reflecting the value you deliver to clients.

What Not to Do When Speaking to the Media –  Polishing your public voice helps build credibility with clients and could lead to referrals. But it has to be done correctly.

Taking Care of Insurance In a Fee Only World – Life insurance and annuity sales are the elephant in the room when it comes to the fiduciary standard.

How to Build Media Exposure Without a P.R. Firm –  Try these tips to improve credibility, gain free exposure and develop a solid voice.

Is Your Job a Calling? Explaining the Breakaway Movement –  Here’s how to create a corporate culture that advisers and clients want to be associated with.

Why Helping Clients Have Fewer Regrets Leads to a Better Retirement – If clients are unhappy with any aspect of their life that financial planning will solve, make that the primary focus.

Marijuana, Cocaine, Opioids: How to Broach Drug Use With Clients –  What — if anything — should an advisor do if a client is abusing illicit substances?

How Small Financial Advisories Can Prevent Sexual Harassment – Financial advisory practices need to take responsibility for setting a positive culture and stopping abuse.

Why Colleagues Should Know – and Help Set – Each Others’ Pay –  This is how we structure compensation in a fair and transparent way.

Helping Clients When Health Care Costs (and Anxiety) Are High –  Advisors have very little power to fix the health care system, but they can help others manage skyrocketing medical costs.

Why I Ditched My Bogus 5-year Business Plan – Here is why your business plan should fit on one page.

Is the Lead-Advisor Model Outdated? – – Yes it is and I explain why.

Do Advisors Cave to Peer Pressure? – And yes they do. How to not succumb to peer pressure when it is not in your best interest.

Are You an Innovator, Laggard, or Somewhere In Between? –  How to pick the best technology for your practice.

When Should Advisors Be Outspoken About Their Politics? –  Gun safety proposals and the Affordable Care Act can be polarizing topics, but I tweet about them anyway — to much success.

And that is the end of my relevant old articles. There are a few I didn’t post in case you are a glutton for punishment. Here is the link to my space at Financial Planning Magazine. 



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