Health Care Reform – My Pre-2019 Forbes Articles

One purpose of this blog is to consolidate my writing for other publications. I’ve written a load on health care reform from the beginning days of the Affordable Care Act. These are my articles at Forbes from 2011 through 2018 that are still relevant:

What Happened With Health Care Reform? – We have four types of health care systems in this country – privately paid/privately provided (regular insurance), government paid/privately provided (Medicare and some of Medicaid), government paid/government provided (VA, some of Medicaid) and the uninsured. Instead of choosing one system, the Affordable Care Act kept all four and made a complicated health care system more complicated.

Health Care Reform: The Question We Forgot To Ask – In embarking on health care reform, our country never decided on one important point: Should everyone have health care?

Why Is It All Or None For Obamacare? – I share an example of an organization that railed against Obamacare, only to find that their proposals were pretty much consistent with Obamacare. Funny, as I spoke around the country about the Affordable Care Act, I had a couple of people tell me how wonderful it sounded and asked why weren’t we doing this instead of Obamacare? I still laugh about this.

Cliffs Notes Version Of The Affordable Care Act – I think the title says it all. This is one of my most popular articles. It breaks down all ten articles of the Affordable Care Act.

Gun Owner Rights And Obamacare – Yes It Is In The Law – In this article, I pointed out the influence the NRA had on Obamacare. They were able to include provisions that affected the medical profession’s ability to conduct research related to gun violence and a few other items. A few months later, the Washington Post did an article and subsequently, President Obama rescinded this part of the law. (I wonder if those journalists read my article first?)

Is Obamacare A Government Takeover Of Medicine? – I discuss how much involvement government currently has in medicine and how the Affordable Care Act really didn’t change this so it wasn’t a government takeover of medicine.

Employer Based Coverage Or Obamacare Plan? Which Is Better? – Employer-based coverage wins and continues to win.

Trump’s Executive Order On Obamacare – The Dismantling Begins – How right I was!

GOP, This Is What Americans Want From Health Care Reform – Americans want politicians to bring down the cost of health care.

Horrible Health Plans Or Expensive Coverage – Congress Needs Another Answer – This was during the attempted passage of the Republican health care plan. It was horrible, so I tried to give them some suggestions.

People Don’t Hate Obamacare, They Hate The Cost. Fix That GOP – The GOP didn’t hear me the first time, so I tried again.

And that is the end of my relevant archive on health care reform by our politicians. Of course, I have an entirely different approach on what we need to do to fix our health care system. That series of articles will have a separate entry.

Feedback is appreciated. Call your Congress and give them some feedback on health care reform while you are at it. Peace…

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