Health Care Spending – My Pre-2019 Forbes Articles

These are my relevant articles on national health care spending. We spend way too much and don’t get the health care we deserve based on the money we spend.

How Much Should We Spend On Health Care? – Should we spend three times what the average industrialized nation spends on health care? If it translated to better health, that would be fine. But it doesn’t! I go through the numbers here. The ratio is pretty much the same seven years later.

Physician Pay: A Big Driver Of Health Care Costs? – I review how physicians’ pay affects health care costs.

Common Sense Rules: Cutting Waste In Health Care – We waste so much money on unnecessary health care in this country. I discuss the “Choosing Wisely” campaign aimed at reducing unnecessary medical services.

Is Charity The Answer To Health Care? – The answer is no, and I break down the numbers to share why.

Should Health Care Rationing Be Mandatory? – Right now, we ration irrationally. We do spend a lot of money on unnecessary medicine, especially in end-stage disease. Should we develop a rational plan to health care rationing?

Should We Ration End Of Life Care? – I get into the nitty-gritty on rationing end of life care.

The Problem With Patients In Controlling Health Care Costs – We all need to own our part about health care costs. Patients want the best and they are reluctant in making the tradeoff between health care and money. Many don’t care about the collective society. What can be done to get patients on board with controlling health care costs?

Since health care spending is in flux, you’ll see plenty of articles in the future on the cost of health care. Stay tuned.

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