Planning for End of Life – My Pre-2019 Forbes Articles

I have contributed to Forbes since 2011 and have the honor of publishing several other periodicals. As I perused my Forbes archive, I realized I have written a lot – so much that it might get me in trouble if I ever run for office or if I’m nominated for the Supreme Court. This is my extensive catalog on planning at the end of life – from the medicine to the money. Although these articles were written over a number of years, they are still relevant. Let me know if there is a topic I missed, and I’ll put it on my list.

Are You Ready For The End Of Life? – This article shares how to talk about what you want for the end of your life and I even share my personal advance directives, which includes providing me with unlimited Maytag Blue Cheese and Macallan 12 single malt Scotch. Pull this up if you are ever with me and I have a major health event in your presence.

Why We Should Create Death Panels – How our health care system deals with the end of life needs repair as it can be heartless, painful, and extremely expensive. I review the stumbling blocks to healthy end of life discussions and tools to create fruitful conversations about end of life choices.

Not Ready To Die? Who Should Pay? – This is a conversation on the money spent at the end of life. Not just by the health care system, but also the family. And face it, a significant portion of care given at the end of life is futile and doesn’t improve longevity or quality of life. Who should pay for this?

Doctors Do Die differently – I address the importance of understanding the quality of life that is important for you to keep living.

How To Die Like A Doctor – This article takes a stab at how to become comfortable with death – most of us are so insulated from this, so we are not prepared.

How To Die Like A Doctor – part 2 – How to prepare your family for your death.

You Are Sick – Now What? – These are tasks to complete when you are diagnosed with a serious illness.

I’ve Accepted I’m Dying. Now What? – I lay out final considerations once you accept you are getting ready to die. I probably should have titled it, “You’ve Accepted You are Dying. Now What?” This was a very popular article and I think people read it because they felt sorry for me.

Who Is Going To Pull Your Plug? – These are instructions on how to pick a health care surrogate.

3 Smart Money Moves For The Terminally Ill –  I know it sounds morose, but one of the big worries at end of life for the family is about money. These are three tips everyone should think about.

Do Conversations Around End Of Life Really Matter? – This is the sad story of a family who fought their daughter’s end of life wishes. If we all talked about this a little more, this type of outcome would be less likely to happen. I discuss how to have this conversation.

3 Resolutions At The End Of Life – Everyone should check their beneficiaries, create a living will and name a health care surrogate. And make a list of your assets and where they are held.

Time For A Shakeup In Hospice Care – I discuss the difference between hospice and palliative care and why we need to revamp the hospice model.

Save Money On Taxes At The End Of Life – How and Why It Matters – February 4, 2014 – Although medical deductions on taxes are limited, if you have a serious event, you might have enough to itemize. This article covers tips on how to make the most, tax-wise, of a bad situation.

Great Tools To Make Advanced Health Care Decisions – Gives step by step instructions and tools on having conversations about health care choices.

How To Shop For A Funeral – Pretty self-explanatory.

Using Retirement Plans For Cash During Advanced Illness – If you are running short on funds during a serious advanced illness, you may utilize retirement plans without penalty. This article covers the rules.

Nuts And Bolts Of End Of Life Care – Hospice expects family members to help, and here are instructions for how to do care for your loved one at the end of life.

How To Ensure Quality At The End Of Life – Often forgotten in end of life discussions is the quality of life that is acceptable to your loved one. I cover this discussion in this article.

What Is The Difference Between Palliative Care And Hospice – This explains what palliative care and hospice deliver. Basically, it is the same type of care but you don’t need to have a life ending illness to use palliative care. Palliative care is good for people with serious chronic disease and dementia.

Let me know what else you want to read in this realm.




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