Public Health – My Pre-2019 Forbes Articles

Public health is important from several perspectives – keeping our population healthy is good for the work force and preventing epidemics is good for all of us. Public health is inexpensive and unfortunately, the funding for public health varies from one administration to the next. These are my articles at Forbes on public health.

Community Health Centers – Providing A Base Of Care – Community health centers are gems in every community. On shoestring budgets, they provide a wealth of services. This article discusses community health centers and their improved funding under the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately, when the Republicans won back the House in 2010, this funding was high on the chopping block.

The GOP Plans To Gut Our Public Health Care System – Just a reminder to all of us that the GOP put forth legislation that would totally gut the Prevention and Public Health Fund. This was unconscionable.

Without Action From Congress, We Could Lose Our Public Health System – Making community health centers wait until the last minute to know if they will be funded is not cool. Public health funding should never be at the whims of Congress.

The Lettuce Scare And How To Reduce Future Food Disasters –  Our public health system needs generous funding. The CDC is charged with public health emergencies such as foodborne illness. Additionally, local health departments help in the collection of information needed to track down the source of illness.

As a big advocate of public health, expect more pieces from me on this subject.


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