Saving For Retirement – My Pre-2019 Forbes Articles

It all fits together – health, aging, and how to save for both. These are my older yet still relevant articles on saving for retirement. Those who have followed me for any period know I think retirement planning is done totally wrong. We need to plan for the day we can’t work or want to do something different – so expect to have your mind bent about this topic.

The Fallacy Of Saving For Traditional Retirement – We need to focus on saving for resiliency, not for retirement. I explain how in one of my favorite articles.

What Is The Best Way To Prepare And Invest For Retirement? –  This discusses our best and safest asset – our human capital.

The End Of The World – Save or Spend? – With all the poop going on in the world and worries about events such as global warming, many people throw their hands up and live for today. Big news – people have worried about the end of the world for a long time. In this article, I share how to balance enjoying life now while preparing for whatever the world throws our way.

Why Antibiotic Resistance Should Change Your Financial Planning – Another take on living for the day and preparing for the future. If life isn’t optimal, do what you can to change it! We never know when our number will be called.

Look for more on all of this in the future – I have a feeling the world will need to rethink how we plan for getting old and saving for retirement will be totally different.

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