Should You Undergo Genetic Testing?

In my latest article at Financial Planning Magazine, I breakdown the two most popular types of genetic testing available to the public – testing for polygenic disease and testing telomere length for longevity. In a nutshell, telomere testing is a waste of money and testing for polygenic disease is in it’s infancy.

Polygenic diseases include diabetes, heart disease, dementia. We know there is an inheritable component, but the overriding risk factor for most polygenic disease is lifestyle. The current testing has low predictive value – just because you test positive doesn’t mean you’ll get the disease and just because you test negative doesn’t mean you won’t get the disease.

So instead of putting your genes out there for the world to see, especially insurance companies who can use that information against you, aim to live a healthy lifestyle that reduces your risk for disease. Use your worry minutes for better things!

You can read more here: Should planners recommend genetic testing to clients (or do it themselves)?

Happy to discuss! Comments and unbridled feedback appreciated.

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