CNBC op-ed: Since You Can’t Beat the Market, the Key is to Only Take the Risk You Can Handle

In this op-ed at CNBC I discuss the coronavirus pandemic and the stock market are both complex adaptive systems. Instead of trying to predict the future, we need to do a better job preparing for whatever the future delivers to us.

You will find the full article here.

2 Responses

  1. Hello I like your article I have a question I’m roughly 1 test away from retiring from fire dept. I have a part time job as a flight medic with also benifits pension
    $4817/ month A Deffered retirement option plan DROP OF 600K when I leave also Ohio Defered Comp plan currently $571K in fix roughly $300K in market roughly put in no-weekly $961 also have extended care insurance gen worth and $670K whole life insurance expires at age 100 I’m currently 57
    ?1) I only have ability currently to pick from mutual funds but when retire should open account to start real stock bond picking
    2) given latest down turn been thinking to add to mutual funds from fix to tune of $250K that would leave monthly pension plus roughly 900K from Drop + $320K in fix Deffered Comp account currently S&P500 at roughly 2800 time horizon is long. 3 to 5 years maybe if not longer

  2. Hi Rick, Sorry it took me a bit to respond to this…
    I don’t believe in stock picking and the most important thing to manage your life’s savings is to make sure you have the right bond to equity allocation. Too many people take too much risk in retirement. I suggest you hire an fee only planner to help you – you can look for one at Good luck!

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