Google vs. Financial Advisors

Google and other big players are looking for ways to upend the status quo in financial advice. Will this put human advisors out of business? My take – not if you are providing the services clients crave that a computer cannot easily deliver. In this article in Financial Planning Magazine, I dissect the role of advisors and where technology can easily take over and where advisors can shine and stay employable even with a technology storm.


2 Responses

  1. Upon reading the article in Financial Planning magazine, it is obvious that Google advisor cannot delve deep into the clients situation and give them the service that they need like a fee-only, independent financial advisor can. The COBRA example hit the nail on the head – saved the client a bunch of money and got them a great medical plan. You will not get this from Google!

  2. Brian, you are so right! What I’m most excited about with technology is that it will free advisors to do what clients want the most – understand their values and goals to help them make the right financial decisions. Computers will never care about you.

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