Personal Finance – My Pre-2019 Forbes Articles

You would expect that since I am a financial planner, I would write more about personal finance. There is so much good content out there about personal finance that doesn’t involve health, so I only have a few articles of that type to share with you here.

What To Do When Your Adult Child Asks You For Money –  Running out of money is a common fear for retirees. In addition, there is sometimes the added pressure of adult children who need of financial support. This can be a touchy situation in families and contributes to fraud and abuse of elderly parents. By discussing these situations in advance, you can decrease worry and mitigate family conflicts over money in the future.

Preparing Financially For A Career Change –  In this article, I discuss what I consider to be the scarier part of a career change – how to prepare financially for the leap.

How To Deal With Guilt About Changing Careers – How do we deal with career dissatisfaction? Should we feel guilty about changing careers? And if so, how do we deal with that guilt?

When Does The Millionaire Next Door Need A Financial Planner? – Here are some of the mistakes I see and signs when the “millionaire next door” should hire a fee-only financial advisor.

Buying Rental Properties To Guard Against A Stock Market Crash – Should you buy rental property to guard against a stock market crash? I dissect that question here.


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